Next Generation Advertising Media Point Ecosystem
(Mobsmart Point Exchange)

Mobsmart Point Exchange is the world’s first new innovation called “Advertising Points” which consumer can earn from conversions of operational advertisements. This unique innovative service give consumers points for advertising conversions and giving opportunity to exchange their earning advertising points for various distributing points, millage, cards and or conversational money.

This service is compatible with international media such as Google and Facebook advertising. It is possible to spread advertising points extensively and issued unique points called (Beney) for consumer conversions via those media’s advertisements and manage the earning points with a unique wallet. The wallet gives the consumers various accessibility on accumulated points which can be exchanged for consumers own optimal required ways.

    • Not only in Japan but also in Asia pacific countries like China, Singapore, Thailand and other are in our service network and we are expanding our service in other Asian countries. Furthermore, America, Europe and the rest of the worlds also in our considerations.
    • Points service providers from around the world are in our networks and scheduled to cooperate with payment service
      * Collaboration with China and Singapore is ongoing

Our Innovation

Revenue from digital advertising

An innovative connotation between advertisers and the consumers. Giving the unique solvation for advertisers for solving difficulties for obtaining marketing data due to regulatory issues, while as consumers are getting benefits obtaining “advertising points” by converting.

For Advertisers: Event definition and management

The advertisers can be set distributing points of their advertisement and given to users through conversions. The point setting occasion is called an event, and the event is grasped as an event tag. The advertiser defines the event and embeds the event tag on the advertisement page. Multiple events can be defined and managed at the campaign level.

Consumers can exchange earned “Beney” points for various points and use various payments

You can manage and exchange handheld points from the downloaded wallet. Each “Beney” is managed in app’s wallet. Beney is changeable into other currency, mileage, other Points, and also currency and possible to distributed all over the worlds.

Connecting the global loyalty points providers

Our provided advising reward points, “Beney” has already established a unique partnership with several largest global loyalty points providers given industry aggregators enabling the Beney platform to provide special benefits through the Beney membership.

Advantage by Introducing Point Exchange


「Beney」Concept And Origin

Next Generation Advertising Media Point Management Ecosystem






Management of advertising media points and exchange with other services.

BENEY Eco-System

The Beney ecosystem is an environment involved in Beney points. The Beney ecosystem works with other systems to serve users. Beney points are managed in the Beney Wallet smartphone app. To use Beney Wallet, you simply need to create an account and sign in, rest is very easy process.

    【 Benefit to users 】
  • You can earn points by Ad's conversion.
  • Earned points can be exchanged for points, miles, products and services of other point systems, EC, Cards, Banks etc. It can also be used for payment.
  • Point operations (acquisition and exchange) can be executed in the wallet.